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We have events, panels, and DJs for you all weekend long!

Click below to check out the livestream!

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Wondering how to join the VRChat world and the Discord?

We've got you covered! We've made some tutorial videos to help you join the fun!

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There are a lot of ways to enjoy and participate in our virtual event!

This image is the background for the donations meter. It has the words 'Donation Meter' in the top left, our donation goal of 10000 in the top right, and Marty along the right side grinning and giving two thumbs up! Once we're over $10,000, the meter displays a new image with the meter appearing to break the image with Marty panicking!



We made Pixel Purrfect a free event because we know it's important for everyone to gather together in these difficult times, and while we can't do a physical event, this is the next best thing. As a free event, this is accessible to as many furs as possible, and if you want to support the event, your donations are always welcome.

All proceeds donated to this event will be split 50/50 between Furnal Equinox and Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge.

Please use the link below to go to our donation page.

Picture of Marty, the Pixel Purrfect mascot, jumping off of a skateboard

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