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Thumbnail banner image for Anyare's Art

Anyare's Art

Customized Art Commissions, Badges. Sticker, Enamel Pins, Prints!

Thumbnail banner image for ArtZora Studios

ArtZora Studios

ArtZora Studios is happy to provide custom and premade fursuits and small merchandise!

Thumbnail banner image for Beast Within

Beast Within

Apparel, buttons, stickers, charms, dakimakuras and more all made by igglypou!

Thumbnail banner image for BlueComet5-Arts/Hunters Creations

BlueComet5-Arts/Hunters Creations

We are hobby artists who enjoy drawing furry and other arts! We offer stickers, prints, paintings, digital art and more! Please see my website for more info on us both!

Thumbnail banner image for CrayonsNThings


​I specialize in pretty colours and clean lines, making things pop and stand out. Creating work for the community and creating works that are relatable are what I enjoy but on my days off I love to game, watch movies, and surf Youtube quite a bit.

Thumbnail banner image for Dolls Jewels Painting

Dolls Jewels Painting

We modify existing monster high dolls to your fursona. We sell jewelry as well.

Thumbnail banner image for Dr. Wildlife

Dr. Wildlife

Furnal Equinox Guest of Honour. Zoologist focused on saving endangered species through creative solutions. Wildlife illustrations, nerdy merch, and more!

Thumbnail banner image for Eevachu


Eevachu is an artist offering art commissions, as well as animal/furry/fandom stickers, enamel pins, prints, buttons, zines, magnets, & patches!

Thumbnail banner image for F-Class


Represent your team with F-Class! Jerseys, wall banners, NFC link wristbands, limited-run skateboards, stickers, masks, and much more! Don't be tardy!

Thumbnail banner image for Faircrest Comics

Faircrest Comics

A SFW Action Fantasy Comedy Adventure Comic set in a world of discovery where magic is rare and those that can use it freely are unique.

Thumbnail banner image for Jewels and Jumprings

Jewels and Jumprings

My name is Nikki and I love to craft and draw. In my Etsy shop you will find all kinds of work from chainmaille, and wire jewelry, to pins and stickers!

Thumbnail banner image for Kayla's Kritterz

Kayla's Kritterz

Soft Sculpture artist specializing in plushies, backpacks, and more!

Thumbnail banner image for Kudalyn's Creations

Kudalyn's Creations

Hi, I'm Kuda, and I make customizable models for VRChat and other VR platforms, as well as additional 3d assets!

Thumbnail banner image for LCSkeleton


Hey I am Robin and I sell a mix of fandom (mainly pokemon) and animal inspired artwork. I sell prints, pins, and keychains.

Thumbnail banner image for Link0v0


Hi, My name is Link! I'm a indie game developer making furry games. You can find and play my games on Steam!

Thumbnail banner image for Nightsabra's Art

Nightsabra's Art

Hi there! My name is Cheyenne, otherwise known as Nightsabra. I have been bringing the furry fandom’s characters to life for over 5 years now. I aim to grow with each art piece I create. I also have an Etsy shop full of cute stickers!

Thumbnail banner image for Onix Angel Creations

Onix Angel Creations

Offering fursuit parts and accessories, digital art commissions, and various original works/merchandise.

Thumbnail banner image for Ryuigi


Hey there! I am Ryuigi, an amateur 2d digital artist. I love drawing dragons and fantastic creatures. I offer you personalized commissions and YCHs~

Thumbnail banner image for Shetani


Shetani is a USA-based creative cheetah who's been making her mark on the furry community since 2012. Stickers, pins, videos, and even more goodies!

Thumbnail banner image for Stan's Sketches

Stan's Sketches

Creator of the webcomic Stan's Den, mainly traditional artist, but I dabble in a little bit of everything! Commissions, Comics, and More.

Thumbnail banner image for Stone Studios Art

Stone Studios Art

Here at Stone Studios we offer custom digital and traditional art commissions, pre-made fursuits, merch of all kinds, and a custom pin club!

Thumbnail banner image for Stratica


Hello! My name is Stratica and I'm a freelance illustrator! Currently offering in-stream commissions for the event and selling art prints / stickers!

Thumbnail banner image for SucculentScribbles


We are a cute and unique boutique inspired by anime, furry, and overall geek culture.

Thumbnail banner image for Sulkypup


Sulkypup is a brand that takes playfulness and combines that with both functionality and comfort. Here, we sell clothing, accessories, prints and stationery goods.

Thumbnail banner image for TOP Dog Studios

TOP Dog Studios

We are a Fursuit & Merchandise making company that specializes in bringing toony animals to life through costume and other tangible goods that make you feel like a TOP dog!

Thumbnail banner image for Temrin @ WildElement Studios

Temrin @ WildElement Studios

Nonbinary (they/them) artist who loves to bring folks characters/worlds to life. Streams, coms, badges, stickers, pins, zines, apparel, holo prints, charity items & more.

Thumbnail banner image for The Art of Nicole / Moto Yote

The Art of Nicole / Moto Yote

Prints, pins, keychains, stickers, lanyards, facemasks and more! Commissions will be available as well. 'Moto Yote' is a new brand brought to you by The Art of Nicole and Foxjump! We will have moto-related merchandise and apparel available for purchase!

Thumbnail banner image for The Silver Dragon

The Silver Dragon

Home of precious metal jewellery, with styles ranging from geeky, to fantasy, to animals and a bit in between!

Thumbnail banner image for Tiger


Hello welcome to Tiger my dealer that dos furry related for now I’m doing furry photo edit soon I be making pins and Ofer merch soon

Thumbnail banner image for Zeekayart


zee is here offering zines, comics and prints :>. an artist, cosplayer, game maker and storyteller! hello hi!

Looking for the physical dealers den?

You can find the map for the physical dealers den at the link below!


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