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Awtter Space

Customizable base models for VRChat and Chillout VR creation

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Two customizable bases for now, an otter (Awtter) and a raindeer (Awdeer). The Awtter has 2 DLCs so far (Zombie mode, and 4 shirts), a new one is on the way, should be released within a week. They are available on the gumroad page of the model.

Features :

Fullready package for :

  • VRChat
  • Quest Users
  • ChilloutVR (Awtter only)
  • VRM export - Facetracking for youtube/twitch (Awtter only)
  • LIV - Beat Saber (Awtter only)

The Awdeer will catch up with those features very soon.

VRChat features :

  • 3.0 SDK
  • Fullbody tracking compatible
  • Dynamics on hair, ears, tail, nose, tongue, whiskers, collar, butt
  • Both hands colliders for the dynamic bones
  • All visemes, 8 facial expressions (pupils and ears react to expressions) + special blendshapes for custom expression creation
  • 3.0 avatar puppet control for the tail, tongue and ears !
  • All UV and textures maps, easy to edit, PSD and PNG + Substance file with masks ! EASY TO USE
  • Collar inculded (now with toggle)
  • PDF file with ToS, features and Instructions
  • Idle animations : Nose sniffing, breathing, wagging tail, disturbed ears
  • Female body and material / map available
  • Full ready to use scene
Here, you'll find the dealers' images. You can navigate over them with your tab key!

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