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Apparel, buttons, stickers, charms, dakimakuras and more all made by igglypou!

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Beast Within offers a wide range of merchandised designed by igglypou! I also offer custom versions of all products made in-house! The colorful shirts and underwear are printed in-house and can be customized to almost anything! Same for stickers and buttons! I also make custom acrylic standees!

All prices are in CDN$ and there is international flat rate shipping of 5$ on all orders!

igglypou is the convention chair of Virtual Furnal Equinox: Pixel Purrfect! She is also a full-time digital artist.

Here, you'll find the dealers' images. You can navigate over them with your tab key!
Image of igglypou's merchandise in a booth at a previous convention
Image of some of igglypou's pins, acrylic charms, earring, keyrings, mini dakimakuras, stickers, and necklaces on a corkboard.
Four of igglypou's shirts for sale. Clockwise: a blue shirt with an outline of a pack of wolves with the words 'Run as one' under them; a demonic ram with red-blue color aberration that looks like the effect of 3D glasses on a white shirt; a negative-space outline of a grumpy husky on a dark grey shirt; and a multicolored wilderbeast head with the words 'Bite Hard' under it in a graffiti style on a white shirt
Image of man boxer shorts with a fox tail.
Image of masks designs by igglypou
Digital painting of princess luna, a black pegasus with armor
A series of images depicting a wedding ceremony
An anthro wolf with wings sitting on a truck in alaska.
A shark fursona in tropical waters
A very muscular golden wolf in the style of dragon ball z.

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