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Digital Arts, Traditional, Paintings, Stickers and More!!

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Welcome to BlueComet5-Arts!

My name is Blue or Jess. I am the owner of this wonderful shop! I am a digital and traditional artist. I love doing paintings and i have LOADS of awesome stickers available and i will be making sure im free by the time you see this to draw all your amazing commissions!! I love drawing complex characters the most and i enjoy drawing food and other stuff! Come to me for all your digital, traditional, painting or sticker needs!

I can see about getting custom stickers made for you too just message me!!

Blacked out stickers are NSFW/Gore. PM me for their info

Here, you'll find the dealers' images. You can navigate over them with your tab key!
Assorted con badges that the artist has created
Artist commission and pricing details
Assorted holographic stickers that the artist has created
Assorted standard stickers that the artist has created
Four examples of the artists paintings
Various examples of the artists sketch work

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