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Dark Bunny Sauces

Your one and only sauce dealer! Offering the highest quality sauces - both hot and not - as well as dessert sauces, candies, and various other goodies to satiate your hunger.

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Do you like sauces? Do you like spice? Of course you do! You’re an amazing member of the community with a globe-trotting palate! And the spiciness just adds that bit of adventure to anything you eat!

Who are we?

Simple: We’re your first and best spot for spicy sauces, dessert sauces, and other tasty (and potentially spicy) things. We make our sauces and other stuff in small batches (one might even say nano-batches) with the freshest ingredients we can find. Sometimes the spice level will shift from bottle to bottle, but we aim to provide a consistent taste experience to enhance your food.

Dark Bunny Sauces is proudly Canadian, and is also proudly associated with the Furry and associated fandoms, helping to raise money for charities at the conventions we attend.

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Hot sauce being poured on chilis
tease your tongue, burn your buds, sauces dark bunny

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