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Dr. Softpaws' Fur-Imagination

A selection of furry literature that I have written (5 novels)

I am the author of 5 books of furry literature, including one based on the original, (unused) script for the movie ‘Zootopia’. The other books are a trilogy for school-age children, set at the Olympics for animals; and a sci-fi novel about a group of foxes who discover that they were born with strange powers.

The Honourable Athletes (Children)

As in all international sports events, the 10th editions of both the Summer and Winter Honour Games had, among its participants, athletes with some very interesting stories to tell. Athletes such as:

  • Carlo Jones Coyote, an American track athlete who runs the Marathon, even though ‘Everyone knows coyotes are sprinters, not pacers’;
  • Anisette Thorbjornsdottir Arctic-Fox, from Iceland, who doesn’t let something as ‘minor’ as an injury stop her from competing in her favourite sport: snowboarding; and
  • Denis Rebazov Silver-Fox, a black-furred Russian fox, born of red-furred parents, who’s determined to prove that it’s not colour your fur is that’s important, but what’s in your heart.

In all, 15 stories from athletes from different countries and different sports, but all with a very special message to convey.

More Honourable Athletes (Children)

As you may have guessed, there are more stories about the athletes at the Summer and Winter Honour Games. Stories such as:

  • Vo Su Noo-Rung-Yee, a short-track speed-skater from Korea who has to deal with bullies at her skating club;
  • Alexandra Trob Pine-Marten, a long-track speed-skater from Norway who wants to prove that, sports-wise’ , females are not always the ‘weaker’ gender; and
  • The Chinese males’ soccer team who, even though they were predicted to finish last in their tournament at the Games, want to prove that, sometimes, impressions can be wrong.

Proving that with enough determination, you can accomplish your goals.

Still More Honourable Athletes (Children)

The third book in the trilogy, ‘Still More Honourable Athletes’ contains 15 new stories about athletes competing at the Honour Games. Stories such as:

  • Audrey Ling American-Badger, a javelin thrower from Canada, who learns to use her ‘badger temper’ to her advantage;
  • Susanna Dubsen Ferret, a biathlete from Norway, who gets herself the best birthday gift an athlete can get; and
  • Bradley Orr-Johnson Dingo, a basketball player from Australia, who must prove that if he is on the national team, it’s because he’s a good player, and not because his father is the coach of the team.

Again 15 stories, each with its special lesson to teach.

Dr. Jekyll’s Foxes (12+)

They could cheat death, but for how long?

Zoya was an only cub, born to a vixen named Tanja at the Hovolsk Tame Fox Farm, just north of Kyiv, Ukraine. And for the first six months of her life, she was trained to be a perfect house pet.

But soon after being adopted by the Karazyuks, Zoya sensed something menacing approaching her cage…and the next thing she knew, she was in her master’s arms, back in her master’s house, and her face was covered with blood. What had just happened?

Soon the menace was confirmed, in the shape of a local hunter; and fearing for their pet’s life, the Karazyuks gave Zoya to family friends, the Mirenkos. There, Zoya met Oxen, a male fox with strange powers. From him, and from a mysterious fox living in a nearby orphanage, Zoya discovered that she was one of six foxes who had been born with strange powers.

But a dark cloud was floating over all of them. And if Zoya and Oxen couldn’t figure it out, it might just be their death cloud!

Includes a short story, ‘The Grand Fox Rescue’, also starring Zoya and Oxen.

Zootopia: Wilde Times of the Tame Collar (12+)

Based on the original story line of the movie ‘Zootopia’

Zootopia was a great place to live, if you were a prey species. If you were a predator, though, you had no rights; even the right to vote was denied to you. And if that wasn’t bad enough, you had to wear a tame collar that shocked you every time you got emotional, (based on an erroneous belief that a predator that became emotional was a threat to prey species.)

Nick Wilde Red-Fox hated his collar and his life, and was desperate to find a way out of both. One day, he thought he had the solution: Wilde Times, a secret amusement park strictly for predators where, for a few hours, they could take off their tame collars and have fun.

But when Judy Hopps Bunny of the Zootopia Police Department discovers the secret park, it plunges both her and Nick into a series of adventures, culminating in the discovery of secrets that many in Zootopia would prefer remained a secret.

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