Reads 'Grivik Industries. Mythic Works Studio. Purveyor of the Mythical, Magical, and Ethereal. Oh, and cute things. Can't forget the cute.'

Grivik Industries & MythicWorks

Grivik is offering art commissions, prints, and laser engraving. MythicWorks is offering physical merch, custom merch, custom art, and premade fursuit parts.

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Admiral Cabbage Von Slobbernogin#2787

Grivik is available for both NSFW and SFW full render commissions (other projects can be discussed), various prints, and custom laser engraving. MythicWorks will be offering both premade and custom physical merch such as t-shirts, acrylic charms, prints, custom stickers, and badges. Premade fursuit items will also be available, no customs available at this time. Art commissions will be open for both SFW and NSFW, chibi/kemono style only available in SFW commissions, semi toony/realism available for both.

Here, you'll find the dealers' images. You can navigate over them with your tab key!
full render commissions $80
NSFW commissions available
YCH available
SFW commissions starting at 100$
Can laser engrave commissions too.
Reads 'Special con only deal! Splash sketch - $20 CAD. Normally $20 USD.'
Reads 'Flat color full bodies - $50 CAD.'
Reads 'Special con deal! Single character illustrations - $200 CAD. Normally $200 USD.'
Reads 'Custom and premade T-shirts'. Features a rainbow-coloured character with the text 'Let Your Pride Flow'.

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