Kurenji's workshop: Fursuit maker and furry artist

Kurenji’s Workshop

I sell little goodies like pins, stickers and keychains, and I'll probably be offering a premade or two for sale!

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I make fursuits, furry art, and I sell a bunch of little goodies! Keychains, stickers, pins, you name it! I hope you’ll enjoy!

Here, you'll find the dealers' images. You can navigate over them with your tab key!
A photo of a pre-made fursuit for sale. Reads 'Rocket. Premade dog partial. 800 USD. Still a work in progress.'
photo of 3 hard enamel pin designs for sale. Reads 'Hard enamel pins. 3 cm / 1.2 inches. 15$ CAD each. $40 CAD for the set.'
A photo of acrylic maw charms for sale. Reads 'Acrylic keychains. 13$ CAD each. 35$ CAD for the set.'

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