The Littlest Gift Boutique! Canada's number one shop for claw machine prizes from japan

Littlest Gift Boutique

At The Littlest Gift Boutique you will find cute Japanese imported gifts that range from plushies to collectables!! They are Gifts That You Will Want For Yourself!

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We are a Canadian-based company that sells a wide range of giftware online and at conventions! Items ranging from realistic animal plushies to collectibles.

Some of our customer favourites are San X Jinbei San, Alpacasso, Pusheen, Japan-inspired accessories and more!

The Littlest Gift Boutique strives to provide customers with the cutest and most unique gifts that are of high quality at affordable prices.

We make gift-giving easy because when you shop with The Littlest Gift Boutique, you know they will love it.

Here, you'll find the dealers' images. You can navigate over them with your tab key!
A picture of a bat plushie
A picture of a grey shiba inu plushie
A picture of a red Western-style dragon plushie
A picture of a raccoon plushie
A picture of a sea otter plushie
A picture of a tarantula plushie
A picture of an octopus plushie
A picture of a sea turtle plushie
A picture of a mink plushie
A picture of a three-headed cerberus plushie

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