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Onix Angel Creations

Hello, I'm an artist and fursuit maker from Manitoba! I sell original works of art on my etsy including pins, lanyards, stickers, and more. If you want fursuit parts and accessories I got those too like bandanas, head bases, claws, and noses. My fursuit commissions open spring 2021, please follow my social media for updates.

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Sunday, March 21st14:00 to 16:00

Onix Angel Creations is based in Manitoba, Canada. I offer custom artwork & fursuits. I have been creating fursuits since I was 12 and I really enjoy seeing everyone’s characters come to life! I also like to create originals works to sell like stickers, lanyards, pins, etc. so check out my Etsy shop for not only those but fursuit parts as well. I’ve been slowly putting out more and more parts like claws, noses, and bases so folks can take a stab at building there own suit too. I also offer a variety of artwork like reference sheets, badges, telegram stickers, ect. If you like my work please consider supporting my Patreon. Fursuit commissions will open Spring 2021 please follow my social media for openings.

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