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Red Ribbon Shoppe

Red Ribbon Shoppe was born out of my love of art and nature! I hope my designs inspire a sense of cuteness and nostalgia for you!

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jiayi (jiayi#0120)

Red Ribbon Shoppe was born out of my love of art, and all things geeky, anime, and cute. Drawing inspiration from nature, cartoons, and every day knick knacks, I hope my designs inspire you to sparkle and never forget the little things in life.

Here, you'll find the dealers' images. You can navigate over them with your tab key!
Image showing 3D stand up item
Polar bear and ocean theme diamond shaped enamel pins
Black cat and forest theme pyramid shaped enamel pins
Crows and bread enamel pins
Pokeman type iron-on patches
Different hard enamel pins with clasp
Doves and bread enamel pins
Tiny dino friends enamel pins
Touhou Project spot holographic stickers
Galaxy manta ray hard enamel glitter pin

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