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Shroompunk Studios

Digital and oil-painted commissions, specializing in detailed scenes.

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I’m an oil-painter-turned-furry-artist, unafraid to tackle any commission request and specializing in complicated works. Things I’ve drawn include birds, insects, fish, reptiles, mammals, robots—even non-furry art like humans, pets, and detailed scenery. So long as the subject is SFW, feel free to hit me up—no scene is too detailed! Outside of commissioned work, check out my zines on Gumroad and prints on INPRNT for more good furry content! If you’re feeling bored, you might pop in and watch a stream or two on Twitch—if I’m available, you can even ask if I’ll complete your commission live on stream.

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Sample image of Cell Shading
Sample image of Detailed Shading
Sample image of References
Sample image of Psychedelic Art
Sample image of Limited Palette
Sample image of Sketches
Sample image of Any Species
Sample image of Any setting

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