Tentakal Creations

Tentakal Creations

Fursuit maker offering partials, suit accessories and fursuit parts.

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We’re a fursuit maker based out of Ontario, Canada! Costume making is our passion and we make heads, partials, fullsuits of all kinds. We also make plush props, bandanas and other accessories to really bring out your character. We’re open for custom suit commissions, as well some premade partials and parts for sale, so come check us out and find your inner animal!

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An example of fursuit head, tail and paws
A photo of a fursuiter
A photo of a purple fursuit head with bright red hair
A photo of a fursuiter with a large plush slice of pizza in their mouth
Feline and canine paws
Examples of paws
Plush props, photo of plush pizza, carrot and steak
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