Reads 'T.O.P. DOG STUDIOS. Premade & custom fursuits. Stickers, pins, shirts, accessories, and more.'

That One Pink Dog Studios

That One Pink Dog Studios is a Custom & Premade Fursuit company that also specializes in merchandise such as stickers, premade & custom pins, accesssories, and even more, in an iconic toony style! Based out of Phoenix, AZ, we strive to make the best quality and end every transaction with a smile.

Welcome to That One Pink Dog Studios! What can we offer? We are glad you asked:

  • Premade Fursuits
  • Custom Fursuits
  • Fursuit Parts (Custom & Premade)
  • Fursuit Making Materials
  • Fursuit Accessories
  • Custom Hard Enamel Pins
  • Premade Enamel Pins
  • Apparel
  • Keychains
  • Magnets
  • Stickers
  • & More!

In operation as a full time business since 2019, we strive for quality for an affordable price.

Peruse our premade designs and find a new you, or mayhaps you want to bring your fursona to life? We got you covered! Wanting custom enamel pins to trade and sell of your character? Count on us! Needing apparel, accessories, and other various merch to decorate your life? Not a problem!

As long as our transaction ends with a smile, the possibilities are endless.

Here, you'll find the dealers' images. You can navigate over them with your tab key!
photo of a fursuit of a cloud dog
photo of a silver fox's feetpaws
photo of a fursuit of saturn the space bunny
photo of a fursuit of holly the holiday caribou
photo of a fursuit of candy the candy corn bat
photo of a fursuit of takida grave the wolf
photo of purple and beige hand paws
photo of siena the coyote's body suit
photo of Chase the Maine coon cat's tail
photo of Synthwave the Dragon's tail. Reads 'That One Pink Dog Studios.'.

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