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Le Dragon Argenté/The Silver Dragon

Handmade sterling silver and bronze jewellery, from geeky to fantasy and everything in between!

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The Silver Dragon#1905


Le Dragon Argenté/The Silver Dragon is the home of handmade precious metal geekery! I create jewellery for fellow fans who suffer from base metal sensitivities. with styles ranging from geeky to fantasy and a bit in between. A fellow geek and con vendor since 2010, I help folks find something special you will love to wear 25/7!

A regular vendor at FE since 2013, I’m the shop you find all the cool geeky and animal jewellery, as well as steel rings and ear cuffs(sorry, won’t be available for now!)

Here, you'll find the dealers' images. You can navigate over them with your tab key!
Image of silver alliance pendant
Image of silver tribal pendant
Image of silver keyblade pendant
Image of silver silver heart key blade pendant
Image of silver ring
Image of a golden looking ring from lord of the rings with elfen writings
Image of silver rings with gem stones
Image of silver animal pendant in form of heart
Image of golden antler pendant earring
Image of silver panther pendant

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