Twilight Knights Cosplay's banner. Features an outline of a dragon with the store's name and under it.

Twilight Knights Cosplay

We sell all kinds fo goodies aimed at bother makers and suiters. For makers: head bases, blanks, faux fur (our own brand), and more. For suiters: tails, paws, bandanna's, fursuit sprays and more.

Twilight Knights Cosplay is your one stop shopping destination for all your furry needs. We sell everything from head to tail - quite literally - as well as a plethora of suit making supplies such as bases, eyes, and 3D printed goods. Not interested in building a suit or buying a premade? No worries we also sell wonderful fursuit accessoriess like sprays, bandannas and badges. Don’t have what you are looking for? Well you can always commission us!

Here, you'll find the dealers' images. You can navigate over them with your tab key!
we want you for the TKC army
pre made partial for sale
week end commissions
double sided bandanas 30$
canfur faux fur
images of their 3D printed fursuit head bases
pre made suit adopts
more pre made suit adopts
example of digital artwork
come visit us at table 40 and join us for our fursuit making 101 and 102 panels

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