Discord & VR

Your portal to our Discord server and VR worlds!


Come and join other furries in our dedicated discord server! You can talk to dealers, ask questions to panelists and game with friends! We have gaming channels set up for different games and to allow you to jump in!


New to Discord? We have a tutorial just for you on our How-To page!


Safety in VRChat

This image reads' if someone is being a pest, you can get rid of them fast by following these steps! 1. Open your menu by pressing the menu button on your VR controller, or the escape key on a PC! 2. Select the user by putting the little white circle cursor over their avatar. They will look like a silhouette with a blue capsule outline! 3. Toggle the 'Not Blocked / Blocked' button to block them. If they were doing something very bad, click 'Report User' as well! Furnal Equinox staff cannot control public instances in VRChat, so it's up to you to choose who to interact with. Have a fun and exciting convention!

VRChat World Links

Search for the FE worlds in VRChat!


Search for the FE worlds in NeosVR!

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