This image shows the DJ lineup for Pixel Purrfect. For your convenience, we have reproduced the lineup below as three tables: one for Friday, one for Saturday, and one for Sunday.
Here, you will find a table of the times our DJs are playing. The table here is a reproduction of the table in the image. We have three tables here: one for each day of our convention.Please note that the AM times in the table refer to the next day - our DJs play overnight!


Friday, March 19th

Time (EDT)DJ
10:00 PMKhaki
10:45 PMGalixtro
11:30 PMJake Tiggy
12:15 AMTsigili
1:00 AMGnaw

Saturday, March 20th

Time (EDT)DJ
10:00 PMDodge
10:45 PMRonnie
11:30 PMOddy
12:15 AMBeta Monkey
1:00 AMRaverfox

Sunday, March 21st

Time (EDT)DJ
9:00 PMDJ Cynic
9:45 PMVexit
10:30 PMFrost Kage
11:15 PMAmyte
12:00 AMKandi

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