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Taya water noodle by catmonkshiro. Image of an Eastern-style dragon holding a pearlescent and splashing on some water.

Taya water noodle
by catmonkshiro

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Sweet Talk by Eli Shroom. A maned wolf character is lounging on a bed in a bedroom, talking on a phone with one paw and holding the necklace of a heart locket in the other. There are music posters on the wall next to the bed. There is a portable vinyl record player sitting on the floor on a fuzzy white rug. The sleeve is next to it and reads 'The Coast Guard'.

Sweet Talk
by Eli Shroom

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Star Warriors by Scott Fraser. A red fox is floating in space with the words 'Star Warriors: Furnal Equinox 2021' in the top right corner. They are wearing sunglasses with a green lightning bolt makeup on one eye, like David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust character. They are wearing blue shorts with the same symbol on the hip. There is a neon wireframe tower in the background, a neon abstract star, and a neon purple grid under the fox.

Star Warriors
by Scott Fraser

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Red Dress by WolfPsalm. A feminine grey wolf with a long red dress and a glass of champagne is standing in front of a golden trellis with one leg showing. The wolf has a very sassy expression - they are looking off to the side with their nose raised but their eye towards the viewer.

Red Dress
by WolfPsalm

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Dance Among The Stars by PixlPhantasy. A fairy cat is dancing on a floating island in space with purple crystals and plants, with more islands like it in the background. The fairy cat has a translucent white dress that has blue and purple highlights. The fairy cat's wings look like a spectral butterfly - they are very wispy and almost transparent except for the light reflecting on the folds.

Dance Among The Stars
by PixlPhantasy

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Christmas Rave by DJ CYBER. DJ CYBER standing over a mix table with their arms out. There are two panels in the top corners that together read 'Merry Chrisfurs my furry ravers'. The background appears to be a beach with a Christmas tree directly behind DJ CYBER.

Christmas Rave

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Animal Crossing by Pidgels. An Animal Crossing New Horizons island with Isabelle waving to you in the foreground. There are some villagers doing various things in the midground with a pagoda standing against the sky. Tom Nook is telling off Redd on the beach in the bottom-left corner, and Gulliver is washed up on the shore.

Animal Crossing
by Pidgels

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Untitled by Benizard. A blue and purple bat-like character in a Microsoft Paint style sranding in a Microsoft Pain window with a neon purple grid as the background with neon-blue wireframe mountains in the distance. The sky is a similar blue colour with a CRT scan-line effect.

by Benizard

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Untitled by Aziko - Eliza. A brown-and-white border collie furry and a grey-and-white wolf furry rest against a tree with a lake and mountain vista behind them.

by Aziko - Eliza

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Untitled by Divad Nowhere. A tan-coloured wolf and a brown bunny dressed up as Mario and Luigi from the Super Mario Bros series with the words 'Super Mario' behind them. The bunny is wearing glasses. The wolf is listening to the bunny talk. They are sitting on some yellow question mark blocks and next to a green pipe. The background resembles a level from Super Mario Bros 3; it has coins, question mark blocks, a music block, large coloured blocks with screws in the corners, goombas and koopas, a suspended platform with goombas and coins, a turning platform, and hills with eyes. There's also a moon in the top-right corner - maybe a reference to Super Mario Odyssey.

by Divad Nowhere

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Untitled by Huntylicious - Wolfydan. A very dark grey, almost black wolf head with red eyes, scarring on the nose bridge, and faint, light blue lines running under the eyes, vertically on the middle of the eyes, along the cheeks, and around the forehead and up the ears. The wolf head has a red outline and is on a background with a superimposed uppercase omega letter and color bars that start with grey at the bottom, and then go to red and then go to a maroon colour at the top.

by Huntylicious - Wolfydan

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Untitled by Moth Monarch. Image of a wasp in a cyberpunk world riding a motorcycle.

by Moth Monarch

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Untitled by Nicnak. A brown and white horse dancing to some music with one hand raised while holding a mixing board with the other. The horse is wearing gym shorts and a mid-drif shirt that says 'DODGE'. The background is a neon, abstract vaporwave / synthwave environment.

by Nicnak

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Untitled by Heartattack Lion. Image of a character ready to enter a Pokemon battle with three of their Pokemon standing to their side in the background.

by Heartattack Lion

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Untitled by Wylde - Bethany McGuffin. A black wolf character is hugging a white bat character with faint Valentine's Day hearts in the background.

by Wylde - Bethany McGuffin

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