Our Charity
Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge

Furnal Equinox is proud to continue our relationship with Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge!

Hobbitstee is a wildlife rescue organization with a reach all over southwestern Ontario and the GTA. Since 2007, Hobbitstee has been working hard to rehabilitate several thousand sick, injured, orphaned, and displaced wildlife each year so they can return to their natural habitat. They also work to mitigate wildlife distress, and teach the public how to coexist with wildlife through education and research initiatives.

They do it with a team of volunteers — many of whom are at-risk youth and offenders — to help them contribute meaningfully to society and to the environment.

In late 2021, Hobbitstee relocated to a new facility on several acres of land in Nanticoke. But their work is only just beginning as they build a new wildlife hospital on site. We can help them fill those four walls with all they need to serve their animals, including specialized care rooms for reptiles, amphibians, birds of prey, and other fuzzy creatures!

How Can You Help?


At our Pixel Purrfect virtual event last year, our community set a new record of nearly $16,000, and we'd love to match that again! Even just $5 from every attendee would make a huge difference.

You can donate at the charity table during the event or through our CanadaHelps fundraising campaign below! Click on "Support" to go there.

Other Events

Look out for other opportunities to contribute, including at our Charity Auction on Sunday!


Up for a road trip? Hobbitstee takes in animals from all over Ontario, and needs drivers to help with driving them to their facility!

In-Kind Trades

Once their building is erected, they'll be looking for talented tradespeople to help with electrical, plumbing and framing work!

Volunteer Your Time

If you're looking to volunteer your time with Hobbitstee in other ways, visit their volunteering page through the link below to their website, or visit them on Facebook.

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