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Friday, March 19th

Time (EDT)Event NameHost
12:00 PMOpening Ceremony
12:30 PMMeet the Charity
1:30 PMFursuit Making 101Sora
3:00 PMFursuiting in the time of QuarantineShetani
4:00 PMFursuit Meet and GreetMax the Fox
5:00 PMIntroduction to AnatomyCiraeon
6:00 PMLet's Play Splatoon 2MaxamilionTheFox
7:00 PMGuest of Honour - VRChat Meet with Dr. WildlifeDr. Wildlife
8:00 PMThe Culturally F'd PanelArrkays
9:00 PMCassidy Civet's Totally Tubular Concert!
10:00 PMDance

Saturday, March 20th

Time (EDT)Event NameHost
11:00 AMMakeup 101 with SkylierSkylier
12:00 PMKids Toys & Plushies - Show & Tell!Dan Raccoon
1:00 PMVRChat World Tour
1:30 PMZoology 101Dr. Wildlife
2:30 PMFursuit Making 102Sora
4:00 PMGender ExplorationWebster Leone
5:00 PMMario Kart Live TournamentMaxamilionTheFox
6:00 PMBronies ForeverDan Raccoon
7:00 PMDance CompRonnie
9:00 PMXephyr Acoustic Performance
10:00 PMDance

Sunday, March 21st

Time (EDT)Event NameHost
11:00 AMBadgology: The Deep LoreRachel Birdy
11:30 AMOut of the Way - IsolationScales
12:00 PMWriting Furry Body LanguageDaniel Potter and Kyell Gold
1:00 PMPixel Life: The Biology of the Small ThingsNasi and Atlas
2:00 PMAutism: My JourneyHiruNichi
3:00 PMFurry Psychology with FurScienceDr. Nuka
5:00 PMCreating ComicsTyler Mann
6:00 PMOverwatch TournamentAvalanche
7:00 PMVirtual MasqueradeBT-Armistice
8:00 PMClosing Ceremonies
9:00 PMDance

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